Sunset Eyeshadow is the Must-Try Makeup Trend

One of the biggest makeup trends at the moment is the sunset eyeshadow. Makeup artists on Instagram are painting their lids with shades of purple, yellow, orange and pink to achieve that gorgeous sunset range. Check out the looks below and try to steal your favorite one.

Real-Life Sunset

The Insta-popular makeup artist, @lunafortun, painted a realistic sunset on her lids. This is the actual makeup look that scored Luna an amazing number of followers. It really takes a lot of skill to do such a masterpiece.

Golden Vibes

If you love adding shimmer and sparkle to your lids, you should try this fabulous sunset eyeshadow makeup look. It is so pretty that all eyes will be on you.

Shades Of Blue

You can also do a soft, subtle sunset by also using different eyeshadow shades. This makeup artist painted her lids with pink and yellow hues. The coolest thing in the whole look is the gorgeous baby blue underliner.

Fierce Colors

This show-stopping eye makeup is meant for all the ladies who love bold colors. The white graphic eyeliner makes things even better. If you are all about experimenting with bold lids, this sunset eyeshadow makeup will elevate your look this summer.