Summer Style Ideas from Sara Sampaio’s Instagram

Victoria’s Secret models don’t even have to walk the runway to be an amazing source of fashion inspiration. Sara Sampaio is the perfect example and here’s a couple of stylish items we would gladly steal from her closet this summer.

Floral Print

No summer is complete without fun and playful prints, and florals are here to stay. Sampaio fully embraced this trend with her adorable puff-sleeved top.

Puff Sleeves

Speaking of puff sleeves, they’re making a major comeback this summer. The Victoria’s Secret model obviously can’t resist wearing them and we should all take a page from her book.

Tie-Dye Print

Tie-dye print is as trendy as puff sleeves this summer, and it’s incredibly easy to add it to your wardrobe.

Layered Necklaces

Sampaio is also a necklace layering pro and looks effortlessly chic while wearing several jewelry pieces at the same time.

Shell Jewelry

Layered necklaces aren’t the only jewelry trend Sampaio loves this summer. Sampaio also can’t resist adorable shell necklaces, that have been popping up everywhere in the last few months.