Summer Nail Designs to Upgrade Your Game

Sun, beach, cocktails, it’s officially summer! Hot days call for new trends. These pretty summer nail designs are very fashionable and super-popular on Instagram. Check them out and we promise you’ll have a hard time choosing just one.


Fruit nails are really trending this summer. The one print you definitely want to try is vibrant lemons. Inspired by warm Italian regions, these cute fruits will be the perfect way to celebrate hot days.

Jelly Tips

Jelly nails became so popular that many celebrities have tried this trend. Now, to elevate the look, you can try jelly tips. They are even more colorful and more interesting. Opt for the same hue, or experiment with several different tones.

Cow Print

Animal prints are everywhere, starting with clothing, to beauty. With the beginning of summer, cow nail art started taking over Instagram. If you’ve been looking for unique summer nail designs that will help you stand out, you should opt for this one.

Neon Rainbow

Rainbow nails are cool, but make them neon this 2019. These bold shades are not for everyone but they will be so flattering on tanned skin. If this is too much, you can always opt for pastel tones.