Great Travel Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

Earphones, phone chargers, first aid kits – these are all the things you must prepare for your road trip. Nevertheless, we have to suggest a few clever things you probably haven’t considered taking on your holiday.

Pocket Blanket

This water-resistant blanket can come in handy for camping or a beach trip. For all the adventurers out there who never know where they’re going to sleep, this is a perfect gift.

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Portable Humidifier

This portable humidifier works anywhere there is a USB port. It adds moisture to the air, so if you have a problem with dry hotel rooms, you must get one of these.


Unlike a regular travel pillow, this one is J-shaped and it supports both your neck and chin as you’re napping. A former flight attendant, who watched people struggle to sleep on flights, designed this.

Portable Espresso Machine

This cute portable espresso machine is a must-have for all coffee addicts who can’t hit the road without a cup of their favorite drink.