Stylish Fashion Bloggers to Draw Inspiration From

Following popular fashion influencers on social media is the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, but also to find inspiration for your outfits. In case you’re stuck in a fashion rut at the moment and need some inspiration to create stylish outfits, here are some of the most inspiring influencers on Instagram to follow.

Emmanuelle Koffi

Paris-based influencer Emmanuelle Koffi and her gorgeous, elegant outfits will inspire you to always experiment with clothes and create unique outfits.

Linn Alice Charlotta Odman

This 25-year-old Instagrammer from Sweden is a pro at combining basic pieces in beige, grey, and white with bold, fancy accessories.

Claire Rose Cliteur

Cliteur is a popular fashion influencer and the founder of the blog Claartje Rose. Her Instagram page is great for drawing inspiration for your future outfits.


Laura’s vibrant Instagram feed with simple, yet unique outfits and memorable travel photos is giving us major fashion inspiration and igniting our wanderlust.

Valentina Steinhart

Steinhart is fashion influencer based in Salzburg who is using minimalistic pieces to create memorable, timeless outfits. Her unique taste in fashion is inspiring more than 200k Instagram followers at the moment.