Stunning Estate From Jonas Brothers’ New Video Is Open To Visitors

Image by cristi21tgv on Pixabay

Jonas Brothers gave us a lot to talk about after dropping their comeback single “Sucker.” If you’re a true architecture nerd at heart, one thing that probably caught your eye was beautiful estate they used as a filming location – and we’re here to tell you more about it.

The bros filmed their smash hit at the Hatfield House, which once served as childhood home of Queen Elizabeth I. It’s currently home to the 7th Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury, and comes with vast gardens, covering 42 acres.

If you felt that Hatfield House looks extremely familiar while watching “Sucker,” it’s probably because you’ve seen it on several occasions in the past. It’s been used as filming location for numerous period pieces – including royal satire The Favourite, which received a total of ten Oscar nods this year.

If you’re thinking of visiting Hatfield House the next time you’re in England, make sure to do it in spring, since it usually opens its doors to public in April. The house, garden, park and woodland walks can be explored for £19 per person, but there are discounts for kids, families and groups – so if you want to pretend to be a part of Jonas Brothers video, be their guest!