Strange Food Combinations You Must Try

Experimenting with food and trying out new recipes is always fun. However, most great meals have already been invented and the only thing left is to create some strange, yet innovative, combinations. These may sound crazy at first, but give them a chance, you might like them.

Vanilla Ice Cream and Soy Sauce

You’ve probably tried all sorts of ice cream toppings so far, but what about soy sauce? It’s not hard to guess that this delicacy comes from Japan. Is it really that tasty, though? A mixture of ice cream sweetness and salty sauce may be weird for some people.

Pizza with Nutella

Wow! The person who invented this was probably thinking – let’s mix the two most delicious things in the world! And voila! You’ve got the strangest combination ever! Is this is a proper meal or a dessert, we don’t know.

Apple Pie with Melted Cheese

Taking this classic tasty dessert to another level is not the worst idea ever. Just imagine delicious cheese melting in your mouth and mixing with other flavors. Sound pretty good, actually, if you like to experiment, of course.