Jesse Rix’s Tattoos Are Optical Illusions Painted On Skin

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, so naturally, people are starting to experiment with different styles and techniques. Forget about the whole set of cliché tattoos you usually get to see – today we’re going to take a closer look at some real works of art.

Jesse Rix is a famous tattoo artist who can literally create magic on bodies. He’s designing tattoos that are actually optical illusions, using only bold lines, colors and perspective.

He described his work as “taking realistic elements and putting them in situations they wouldn’t normally exist.” Art buffs would notice that surrealism and artists like Dalí and M.C. Escher had a great influence on Rix’s work

“I’m trying to represent that mindset when you enter into REM sleep or a dreamlike state and your subconscious comes to the forefront.”

Rex started his business in 2005 and has a private studio in Keene New Hampshire. However, he often travels, so people around the world have a chance of getting his unique tattoos.

Even if you’re not a big fan of tattoos, we guarantee you’d like Rex’s work.