Step Ahead of the Game With These Summer 2020 Shoe Trends!

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s nice to distract yourself with something to look forward to. Summer 2020 isn’t too far away and we’ve got five shoe trends that you’ll want to step out in as soon as you can leave the house.

Quilted Texture

These leather Bottega Veneta shoes are a celebrity favorite and there are so many inexpensive versions available. We’re also seeing them in mules and bright colors.

Chain Straps

Who says chains have to be only for your jewelry? The thick chains on this leopard print sandal really make a statement.

Toe Straps

Hey, sometimes your big toe needs some extra support and these toe straps have got you covered!

Asymmetrical Spherical Heels

Block, rectangular heels are boring and summer 2020 is all about round heels. If they’re see through it’s even better.

Two-Strap Buckle Slides

Birkenstocks never really go out of style, but this year they’re a major trend. Plus, they’re super comfy and they go with everything.