Stella McCartney Has Released a Fashion Collection Inspired By “Yellow Submarine”

Stella McCartney. Photo by WWD/Shutterstock (10309614d)

Being the daughter of the Beatles legend Paul McCartney, Stella has a legacy to uphold. Stella is doing her bit keeping that legacy alive with her new “All Together Now” sustainable luxury fashion range – inspired by the Beatles film Yellow Submarine.

The collection is inspired by the colorful graphics of the film. It features characters and slogans from Yellow Submarine and includes clothing for all ages and genders. Billie Eilish debuted the collection when she wore custom Stella McCartney at her Glastonbury performance earlier this month.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the collection, McCartney said: “I recently went to a screening with family and friends for the digital relaunch of ‘Yellow Submarine’. I hadn’t seen it since I was young, and honestly it blew my mind.”

“It affected me in a way I just wasn’t expecting. Especially this idea of connecting people and bringing people together – politically this message has never been more relevant. So, I came out and I was like ‘I have to do something.’”

She added: “The colours and the psychedelia and the patterns and the prints! It translated effortlessly into the ready-to-wear. It’s an emotional and authentic collection and it really crosses over.”