Stay On Top of Your Nail Game with Leanne Woodley

There are some nail artists we just can’t get enough of. Brooklyn based manicurist and nail artist, Leanne Woodley, is right at the top. Having worked for brands and publications as big as i-D Magazine, L’Officiel USA, and Amika, Woodley’s “more is more” approach when it comes to manicures, seems to be working out for her.

“I only think about beauty in terms of the foundation, meaning how aesthetically beautiful is this manicure, fill in, or new set,” she shared her philosophy about beauty in an interview with Dazed and Confused Magazine. “How moisturized are the hands in addition to the manicure or extensions. It literally could just be a clear coat and as long as it fits within my standards of how I see my work (because no artist hits a perfection mark each time) I am pleased.”

According to Woodley, she doesn’t think about how beautiful a set is until it’s done. “I don’t necessarily know that I’ve ever had a relationship with the word beauty,” she notes, “I think it’s something that has just been apart of my thinking. The gauge on what is beautiful is so vast that to me it would be hard to pigeonhole or define it.”

Among her sources of inspiration she counts anything from prints and patterns to someone’s clothing color palette. “I love seeing older women who wear a monochromatic look with nails included,” she says. “Life is inspiring and even more fun when that can be translated to nail art.”

Add a punch of color to your nails this fall: