Stay Ahead with a Headband this Fall

Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

It’s true, headbands are officially back.

They popped up everywhere in the ’90s and now they’re making a big comeback. Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted wearing them and supermodel Bella Hadid nailed the look at last year’s Paris Fashion Week.

“The headband is a key accessory that designers are embracing, and it’s a quick fix that keeps hair chic and tidy for the summer,” said Tina Outen, a stylist for Vogue.

“A thinner band that sits further back on the head brings a 1960s vibe, while a piece of colorful patterned fabric knotted on the side evokes the 1970s girl look,” she explained. “The huge 1980s revival sees polka dot hairbands ruched to imitate a scrunchie, and the 1990s look is a wideband worn low on the hairline.”

Sales of headbands have been up by 70% on Asos from last year and Vogue has recognized headbands as one of this year’s standout trends. If you want to keep up with the trends, it’s time to dig out your old headbands for that neat and chic look.