Start Shopping For Ethical Fashion

One of the most problematic markets when it comes to ethics and ecology is the fashion industry. Love fashion but worried about the industry’s questionable practices? Get to know the Ethical Fashion market.

Ethical fashion is a sub-market that focuses on providing clothing and accessories designed, produced, and sold while taking under consideration a range of ethical issues like sustainable production, fair wages, and animal welfare. Another important aspect when looking into buying ethical fashion is the carbon footprint of your purchase.

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The great thing about the designs available comes with a grain of salt. Since the materials and labor are more expensive, ethically-produced items are often more expensive than their non-ethical equivalents. The bright side of this is that they are of far superior quality and will last much longer than cheaper clothes, so in the long run you are not only ethical, you are a smart consumer.

One of the best ways to start buying ethically is to find brands recommended by your favorite fashion magazines and popular publications such as Marie Claire, Dazed, and Vogue. Once you get past your first few purchases you’ll know who your preferred brands are.

If you buy online, try and learn the sales schedule of the different websites and make your orders in a group, this will save you some money and minimize the impact on the environment.