Squiggly Décor Will Give Your Home a Retro Vibe

Squiggly décor. The latest design trend.
Image via lucaph/depositphotos

Are you ready to give your home a much-needed update? Well, chevron pattern is officially out and squiggle is in. Squiggly décor is perfect for a relaxed, retro vibe that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Not only is this pattern super trendy in fashion, but it’s also made its way into home décor. Looking for some design inspiration? Here are four ways to add this funky pattern into your living space.

Squiggle Candles

Squiggle, twisted candles are having a major moment on TikTok, with everyone trying to create their own. If you’re not super creative, don’t worry—you can find them at almost any home store.

Squiggle Mirror

Say goodbye to boring mirrors and hello to squiggle ones. Make your entryway more exciting with a squiggle mirror and take a moment to admire your fabulous outfit before leaving your home.

Squiggle Rug

Add a burst of color and pattern to your bedroom or living room with a ’70s-inspired squiggle carpet in some fun, bright colors.

Squiggle Vase

You’ll want to buy yourself flowers just to show off these super cute vases. They’re the optical illusion and statement piece your home needs.