Don’t Sleep on Summer 2021’s Loungewear Trends

Trendy loungewear for summer 2021.
Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

Before we knew it, loungewear started taking over our wardrobes. From sweatsuits and leggings to sports bras and slides, loungewear has become super trendy. While tie-dye was super trendy last year, this summer loungewear is looking more stylish than ever with tons of fun silhouettes and colors. These are the loungewear trends you’ll be seeing everywhere over the next few months.

Flared Leggings

You probably recognize these from the ’00s as yoga pants, but in 2021 everyone’s calling them flared leggings. Fitted leggings are so yesterday and flared leggings are taking over.

Ribbed Knits

Come summertime ribbed knits are much more breathable than chunky sweatsuits, but just as comfy. Matching sets will be all the rage come the next few months.

Bras and Sweatpants

Sports bras and sweatpants are the perfect combo that’s cozy and airy for the hot weather. They’re as good for running errands or brunch with the girls as they are for the gym.

Soft Shorts

Soft short sets feel like pajamas, but they’re much more wearable outside of the house. Make sure you get some in bright colors.