These Spanish Drinks Will Delight And Refresh

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Spain is one of the leading world capitals in cuisine and culture. But, it is also notorious for its beverages. Especially in the areas that can get well beyond 100 degrees in the summer, it is essential to stay cool and refreshed.

Depending on where you are in the country you will find different types of beverages, but there are a few that are famous and can be found everywhere. So the next time you visit, take a taste of these drinks.

Gin and Tonic

Spain is the largest consumer of gin in the world, so you know that their gin and tonics have got to be good. Most bars have an array of tonics, and many use a special spoon to pour it into the cup, sometimes even at your table in front of you!


This fortified wine is a classic Spanish go-to. Most people have it simply over ice, and it is very refreshing and pretty sweet.


Although it can be a tourist trap, sangria is truly one of the most delicious things to come out of Spain. It is said to have started in Andalucia since it is one of the hottest regions of the country. You can find it in many different varieties, even with cava!

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