Soko Made Us Fall in Love with Vampire’s Wife Dresses at Sundance

Soko at Sundance. Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock (11737470am)

Unlike the majority of prestigious film festivals, Sundance isn’t known for lavish red carpet events and it has a much more carefree feel. Its relaxing vibe was right up Soko’s wheelhouse and she promoted her new movies in a series of beautiful dresses by the Vampire’s Wife.

Flower Power

Vampire’s Wife’s designs are best known for their delicate, floral prints, and that’s also the case with this black dress that Soko rocked during her first press day at Sundance.

Bright Colors

The French singer and actress convinced us that florals can look cool in the middle of winter with this white and red dress that featured pussy-bow fastening and long puff sleeves.

Back to Black

The gothic vibe that the Vampire’s Wife dresses are best known for perfectly fits Soko, and this velvet black gown is the best possible example.

Metallic Vibes

Soko decided to bring a little bit more elegance to the Sundance premiere of The Blazing World, and this silver gown did wonders for her.

Add More Flowers

Soko took a break from one-colored dresses and returned to Vampire’s Wife’s signature floral numbers while promoting her new movie Little Fish.