Sketch Is a Must-Visit When You’re in London

Most of the time, the goal of travel is to get familiar with new places and cultures, their history and nature, but modern travel is often about exploring the new restaurants, bars, and all the other places that make traveling even more exciting.

In London, there’s definitely something for everyone, and if you want to have lunch at the most Instagrammable place at the moment, you shouldn’t skip Sketch.

The interior of Sketch is completely pink and artistic, perfectly blending art, architecture, and excellent food. Skip it if you just want to grab a quick bite; Sketch is for those who want a complete experience. 

The person behind this amazing interior design is Mourad Mazouz, and the most special thing about it is that it consists of several completely different rooms. We’ll stop talking now and invite you to check out the photos of the place if you want to get to know it better. Definitely follow the restaurant on Instagram for future updates!