Raspberry Cola Is The Latest Instagram Hair Trend

Image via hairby.erikarohrbach/Instagram

With a new year approaching, it’s time for a new hair trend. We’ve perfected platinum, braved balayage, and forked out for highlights. Now, it’s time for “raspberry cola” hair aka the Instagram hair trend of the moment.

Raspberry Cola hair is essentially red ombre. It mixes warm brown and red hues to create a look that is multi-dimensional and gives the illusion of volume. It’s also perfect for the festive season as it is a vibrant twist that can be subtly woven into your winter do.


Hairstylists Jonathan Turner and Sophie Gibson told Tyla: “Let your hair drink up the new flavor of ‘raspberry cola’ this wintertime. It has the tasty zing of fruity red merged with the deeper hue of our favorite fizzy pop!”

They added: “Hold up a bottle of cola to the light and you’ll see the sweep of brown to warm reddy tones as it swishes around. That’s the kind of feel that this indulgent spicy shade will give as your hair moves about. Rich warmth cascading through your hair whilst everything is cold outside!”


If you want raspberry cola hair that is more dramatic than subtle, you may need to pre-lighten your hair first so the highlights take the red color better. Personally, we love both.