Simple Exercises You Can Do While Watching Netflix

If only we could only stay fit by sitting in front of our TV and binge-watch our favorite Netflix show, right? Well, nothing is impossible as long as you’re willing to do a few simple, yet effective exercises right there, on your couch.

Boat Pose

Lift your feet off the floor, bend your knees, extend your arm and stay still in this pose for 30 seconds. It’s the perfect exercise to start your couch workout while watching TV.

Russian Twist

The Russian twist is also a simple exercise that’s perfect for toning your arms, abs, and hips. If standard Russian twist is too easy for you, use weights to add pressure and feel those abs burning.

Couch Dips

The edge of your couch is a perfect spot you can use to do a few dips and make your workout routine harder. Bend your elbows while keeping your legs straight and do 10 of these to activate your triceps and abs.

Mountain climbers

This is a popular exercise, great for getting your heart rate up and engaging your core. You can do a variation of this exercise while sitting on the edge of your couch – just alternate drawing one knee to your chest while the other leg is extended.

Weighed Triceps Presses

There are so many great exercises for engaging arm muscles and most of them can be done from the comfort of our couch. To do this exercise you can use weights or any heavy object you find in your home, such as water bottles or bags of rice.