Signs That Your Nails Need A Break From Polish

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

We all love having perfect nails and cute manicures, but we should also keep in mind that our nails need air in order to stay healthy and strong. Make sure to give your nails a break from nail polish once in a while, especially if you notice one of these signs.

White Spots

White and rough marks on nail plates are clear signs of keratin granulation that usually occurs when we use nail polish extensively. Luckily, this can easily be solved with a short holiday from nail polish and polish remover.

Dry, Brittle Nails

Regular manicures can be pretty rough on our nails, so even if you once had strong and healthy nails, you may notice that they became thin and dry after only a few months. This is also a sign that nails need to “breathe” for a while.

Peeling Nails

There are a few things that can cause peeling nails, but if we don’t give our nails a break in between manicures, this will definitely lead to peeling and split nails. In this case, give you nails a rest and make sure to hydrate them on a regular basis.