Should You Reach Out To People From Your Past While in Isolation?

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Social distancing is no easy feat, and many people are feeling lonely, bored, and hopeless while stuck inside their homes. This state of mind is forcing them to reconnect with former partners and friends, and here are a couple of things you should consider before going down the same road.

Real Reason

It’s ok to text your ex if you’re genuinely worried about them and want to see how they’re doing, but is that the real reason why you’re reaching for your phone? If you’re looking for some company and comfort in these difficult times, you can find it in other places.

Other Alternatives

If you’re texting your ex out of boredom, not because you really care, there are far better ways to pass your time. Use this time to work on yourself and develop a stronger bond with your friends and family, instead of digging through the past.

Good Terms

We tend to romanticize our past relationships in the time of crises, so make sure to remember how they ended. If the former partner or friend you want to reach out to always made you feel bad about yourself and didn’t treat you with kindness you deserve, it’s probably better to leave them be.