Shop More Eco-Friendly With These Small Requests

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Are you looking for small ways you can be more environmentally friendly when you shop? Do you want the businesses you visit to start being more eco-friendly? Both are possible and this is how you can do your part to be more sustainable.

Evaluate Your Routine

Before you ask local businesses to make environmentally-friendly changes, you can do your part by carrying reusable bags instead of using plastic and by reading labels and shopping with an eco-friendly mindset.

Support Businesses That are Eco-Friendly

Before shopping at new places, check their social media and websites to see if they’re sustainable and environmentally conscious. If they’re already taking these steps, they’ll be more likely to be on board with new ideas that help them be more eco-friendly.

Formulate Your Request

Asking for plastic utensils when ordering take away, letting your grocery store know you don’t need a paper receipt, using reusable bags, and bringing a mug to a coffee shop are all ways you can do your part to be more environmentally conscious. If you’re looking for your local business to update their policies, you’re best making a request online. If these places make the changes you requested, be sure to support them, so others will follow suit.