Sheer Dresses Have Dominated the Fashion World

Photo by cottonbro studio

Sheer dresses are the hottest trend. While they leave little to the imagination, we’re big fans of feeling confident and flaunting what you got. With the majority of the big fashion houses incorporating this trend in their runways, here’s how sheer dresses have been used in this year’s fashion market so far.

This year, many designers and fashion houses have leveled up sheer pieces to make them a bit more wearable for the average consumer. Don’t get us wrong, many garments that are as sheer as anything can still be found. This can be understood as sheer layering.

This appeared evidently at the Tory Burch fashion show earlier this year. With sheer maxi skirts layered underneath structured mini dresses and tanks, this company managed to make these pieces look feminine yet practical, and not too exposing.

While on the other end of the spectrum, designers such as Saint- Laurent had models walking down the runway with all to be exposed, leaving very little to the imagination. These two ends of the spectrum allow customers to feel empowered and confident, whatever that may mean for them.