Rock Spring 2018 Fashion Your Own Way

Model on the catwalk of Phillip Lim show during New York Fashion Week. Photo by Stephen Lovekin/WWD/REX/Shutterstock (9374019a)

From sheer to silk, Fashion Week 2018 was full of revolutionary and nostalgic items. If you don’t have the money or the time to dive deep into the latest in fashion, there are still easy ways to style yourself in accordance with the trends of spring. Here are some great examples of how to incorporate what’s new into your existing looks.


Phillip Lim, Calvin Klein among others showcased Americana ensembles this year on the runway. This is such a fun and accessible trend because you can finally pull out all the clothes you’ve been collecting after your 4th of July shopping sprees! Adding a touch of red, white, and blue adds a punch to any pair of jeans, or go bold with a pair of white pants and a red and blue shirt.


Tons of designers sent sheer numbers down the runway this year at Fashion Week, and this trend is something to invest in. Whether it’s a sheet blouse you put over a tank or a sheet skirt on top of shorts, using transparent items transforms your look from just regular into something eye-catching.


The best colors to look in your closet for in spring are yellow, lavender, sky blue, and rose to name a few. Highlighting these colors will bring any outfit no matter how old to the present day.