How To Reuse Your Plastic Bags

Image by Owen Parrish/Flickr

Everyone who has ever stepped foot in a grocery store has an accumulation of plastic bags hiding somewhere in their house. Unfortunately, most types are not recyclable and end up in a landfill. Besides reusing them as bags, try one of these easy solutions and help be a bit more green.

Patio Pillows

Rather than buying outdoor pillows, just buy the pillow cases and stuff them with plastic bags! This way you aren’t stuck with wet pillows when it rains, and you can customize your colors and patterns however you’d like for a fraction of the cost.

Packing Material

If you are mailing a package, forget the packing peanuts! Simply scrunch up plastic bags to use as cushioning for whatever you are sending.

Jump Rope

This project is great for kids! There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on braiding plastic bags into rope which can be used for jump rope. Essentially you just cut off the top and bottom of a bag, tie a few together, and braid them like normal!

Doggie Bags

If you are a pet owner, stop wasting your money buying individual rolls of poo bags! Just grab a plastic bag instead and save yourself some green.