How To Pull Off Stripes This Summer

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

Stripes are a classic design that will always make their way into fashion in one way or another. All throughout the 2018 runways, we have been noticing some specific stripes that we have been loving, and that are super accessible to pull off. Check out these designs and make them your own!

Side Stripes

Athletic pants have been in style recently, and most often with a stripe running down the side of them. More and more designs of sporty and even properly tailored trousers are showing stripes. Try out this trend for a simple but intentional statement.

Bold Stripes

This trend has transcended dresses, pants, and even jumpsuits. Big, bold, stripes running both horizontally and vertically are showing up everywhere. If you are looking for a statement piece, go for a total stripe look, or break it up with a bit of solid if you are just testing out the waters first.

Americana Stripes

This summer you can dress like it is the 4th of July all season long. Americana shapes and designs have been showing since fashion week and stripes are a vital part of this movement. Pick colors that resemble the American flag and enjoy the festivities all summer long.