Do You Pay Attention to Your Neck Skin? Here’s What You Should Be Doing

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When it comes to skincare, we mostly focus on our faces. And right below it, there is the neck that often gets neglected. Be honest: do you apply the products all the way down your neck or do you stop just below your jawline?

After a certain age, it’s the neck that reveals all the aging signs we work so hard to prevent. Here’s how to help it look great year after year.


Hydration is a step you should never skip. It’s crucial for having healthy, youthful skin. You can use your usual face moisturizers or opt for specialized neck cosmetics.

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Much like your face, your neck needs help in getting rid of dead skin. Exfoliate it once or twice per week at first, and continue about once in two weeks.


It goes without saying, but neck cleansing should be in your morning and evening routine no matter what. It’s a body part that sweats a lot, accumulating dirt during the day.

Neck Exercises

Light neck exercises you do daily will help it stay strong and the skin elastic. Try it, you have nothing to lose.