Paper Clutter Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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When you don’t eliminate paper clutter effectively, you’ll soon find yourself in a sea of unnecessary paperwork.  These are common mistakes you should avoid:

Electronic vs. hard copy

If you hold onto paper statements instead of scanning and storing them on a computer (with a back-up) you accumulate unnecessary paper.

Request electronic bills from your utility company, etc.  Remove yourself from mailing lists for correspondence you no longer want.

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Waiting too long

Don’t leave it too long, you’ll have a mountain of papers before you.  Upon receipt of mail, sort it. Store what is important in a safe place and destroy and recycle junk mail.

The wrong filing system

If your filing system is cumbersome and ineffective, you’re less likely to keep up to date.

You don’t need to file every day but have a place where you keep all your filing and don’t let unimportant papers and junk mail creep in there.

Create your starting block space

This is a place where you put your keys, outgoing mail, and other important items you need each day.

Build keeping paperwork under control into this routine.