Why Not Give Vegetable Shots a Try this Month?

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Quality is better than quantity. This is the philosophy behind this new product. Everyone is aware of the juicing fad that hit the waves a couple of years ago. It involved throwing everything and anything in a juicer to produce a few glasses of nutrient-packed liquid.


These drinks help one reach their 5 fruit and vegetable quota for the day effortlessly. But, it did not end here. Following the juicing fad was the shot fad. These were obviously non-alcoholic and instead delivered a powerful dose of nutrients in shot form.

They included things like ginger or wheatgrass shots. Now, there is something new for health fund is to rave about.


Zupa Noma has introduced something called the veggie shot. It is basically a small quantity of highly concentrated soup, which delivers the same amount of goodness as a regular soup but instead does it in one shot.


They offer a variety of shots which range from tomato, vinegar, and habanero to carrot, ginger, and turmeric.

These are sold at $3 a shot and they can be delivered to your door. Shots such as these are perfect for people who are health conscious but are unfortunately too busy to do the required preparations.

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