Nicole Fung Will Introduce You to Hong Kong’s Food Scene

Hong Kong-based entrepreneur and foodie Nicole Fung will inspire your next vacation. The co-founder of the online platform That Food Cray !!! Fung, along with her husband Eugene Kan, creates and curates content that revolves around food, travel, and lifestyle.

Now a Hong Kong celebrity, Fung is originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. “Living in Hong Kong is completely different than having a vacation in Hong Kong,” she explained in an interview with Exceptional Alien. “There was definitely an adjustment phase. I had to get used to the language and cultural differences (I can speak Cantonese, but not well), less space, faster pace, and how transient the city is. It took about a year to get used to and meet friends, but I love it.”

According to Fung, it was the food culture in Hong Kong that initially inspired her to launch That Food Cray !!!—now a global gastronomic, travel, and lifestyle online media platform. “I was constantly inspired by the food and people around me which is actually why I started That Food Cray !!!” she explains.

The online platform is constantly looking for new ways to eat outside the box while encouraging their followers to do the same. “Hong Kong is a major travel hub,” says Fung. “Living in Hong Kong has made travel so much more accessible. I can fly to places like Tokyo, Bangkok, Bali, Shanghai, and Taipei fairly easily and it’s extremely affordable!”