Nail Artist Are Going Crazy for “Evil Eye” Design

Nail art trends often come from the most unexpected of places, and that’s certainly the case with one of the most popular designs of the summer. Manicures with an “evil eye” symbol are all the rage right now, and Instagram’s top nail artists are crazy about them.

These nails come with different variations of the eye-shaped Nazar amulet, believed to protect against evil eye. Nail designs with this symbol have been around for a while but experienced a huge spike in popularity in the last few months.                                                                                         

Considering the year we had, it’s not surprising that many nail artists embraced this symbol as their way of warding off bad vibes. Nails with eye-shaped designs also look pretty great and already come in many different forms.

Instagram is overflowing with many creative ideas, but you can also come up with your own. Traditional cobalt blue circles are the most common, but it’s possible to find “evil eye” nails in many different colors, combined with other spiritual symbols.