Alessandro Pautasso’s Abstract Illustrations Are Bursting with Color

Digital artists who specialize in creating portraits of pop culture icons are pretty easy to find. Alessandro Pautasso is just one of many, but he managed to stand out thanks to his abstract, colorful illustrations.

Alessandro Pautasso aka Kaneda is an Italian illustrator who fell in love with visual arts after stumbling upon Alan Aldridge’s illustrations book about The Beatles. He decided to follow in his footsteps and managed to make a mark with his unique pop culture illustrations.

Pautasso usually breaks down the faces of iconic Hollywood stars and movie characters by using bright colors and abstracts shapes. He mostly draws inspiration for popular movies that he enjoyed in his youth, such as Star Wars and Ghostbusters, in addition to paying homage to popular contemporary shows, including Game of Thrones and Stranger Things.

“I am simply a nostalgic fan of the 80-90s which is why I often draw about pop culture on my personal projects. With my artwork, I just take a break from my daily working reality in an advertising agency,” he told Fubiz.