Nail Art Trends for 2020

Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

There is nothing like a freshly painted set of nails that make people want to stop and stare at your hands. It could be because of the color you decided on, or most likely it is the new nail art design you added to them. Nail art is fast becoming one of the biggest nail trends for 2020. It looks great on both short and long nails and can instantly dress up an outfit.


These pattern designs are inspired by the 80s but are being modernized this year. Add some shapes, lines and many colors to your base for some instant fun party nails.


This trend requires clean nails with some jewel embellishment added in different ways to make your hands sparkle.

Mood Ring

This trend is done with magnetic polishes and has people looking twice. The colors all blend together and you can’t tell whether it is blue or green. You can add some glitter to give your nails some shine.

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✨Thermal effect using @solarcolordust Liquid Crystal✨

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Animal Print

Animal print is a huge fashion trend in winter 2020 and you can now paint it on your nails. From full tiger print nails to leopard print tips, you can do it all depending on how far you want to take you love for all things animal print.