Museum of Broken Relationships Celebrates the Art of Letting Go

Zagreb is home to many unusual museums, but none of them is filled with more touching and personal stories than the Museum of Broken Relationships. This unique place is filled with countless heartbreaking stories, told through tiny objects that once belonged to people who experienced both love and loss.

This project first started as a traveling collection of donated items, until finding its permanent home in the Croatian capital. The main idea behind it was to provide donors with a chance “to overcome an emotional collapse through creativity – by contributing to its universal collection.”

All of the items you’ll see at this museum are mementos of broken ties and connections between lovers, friends and family members. They are a constant reminder of the fragility of human relationships, but they also provide the donors with an opportunity to finally let go of the past.

In addition to seeing the stories of people already displayed at the museum, you can also become a donor by sending your own. There’s no guarantee it’s going to be displayed due to physical restrictions of the museum, but it will end up being transferred to a virtual web museum if that’s not the case.