Looking for Waffles While in Brussels? Maison Dandoy is a Place to Go!

Visiting Belgium without trying traditional waffles is like never going at all. It can be difficult to make a pick since they’re sold at every corner, but you can’t go wrong by trying them at Maison Dandoy during your visit to Brussels.

Brussels’s most popular bakery has been around since 1828, and it’s the best place in this city to try some of Belgium’s classic sweet treats. You’ll find everything from biscuits, breads, and speculoos once you enter the door of Maison Dandoy, but nothing tops their signature waffles.

You don’t have to travel the whole of Belgium to try different kinds of this popular dessert since this bakery serves two timeless classics – the Brussels waffle and the Liège waffle. You can order both at once, and see what’s the difference for yourself.

No matter which one you decide to order, they’ll be delicious and warm, and you can make them even tastier by adding sugar, homemade chocolate or whipped cream to the mix. A visit to Maison Dandoy’s tearoom is one of the most-does in Brussels, and classic waffles will make it complete.