Multitasking is Not Always Good For You

We often feel very productive and good about ourselves while we’re doing a few different things at the moment. In this day and age when everyone is in a hurry, this is considered one of the most useful skills one can have. But is this really good for us?

Scientists are writing more and more about how multitasking actually has many negative effects on our brain. These are only three reasons why juggling a few tasks at the same time is bad for us.

Weakens Your Memory

Some studies have shown that multitasking can actually change our brain structure over a longer period of time and it can affect our memory among other things. Doing different things at the same time means that we’re not properly focusing on any of them and there’s a good chance we won’t remember them later.

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Reduces Productivity

Multitasking is mostly seen as a desirable trait today because it means you can do a lot of things at the same time and for most people this means you are very productive. But this is so far from the truth.  Switching from one task to another actually drains our energy and wastes our time because each time we interrupt our thoughts and actions, we need time to focus on them again later.

Increases Stress

Our brains are not designed to do a bunch of things at the same time. Juggling between a few different tasks causes a lot of pressure and leads to stress and our brain inevitably needs more time to finish one task than it would normally need.

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