Moon Milk is the New Bedtime Drink

Aryuvedic medicine is deeply ingrained in the history of traditional Indian medicine. From coconut oil pulling to drinking ashwagandha for energy – ayurvedic practices are wholesome and natural ways to treat ailments.

In the past year, moon milk has been booming on social media for its aesthetic look that looks similar to a different rendition of golden milk which typically uses turmeric. This drink resembles something Tinkerbell from Peter Pan would drink because it looks simply magical. If you’re looking for a cozy drink before bed, try making moon milk.

Fairy Drinks

Moon milk is pretty experimental and it’s completely up to the consumer to decide what to put in their drink. It’s an upgrade to the traditional warm cup of milk before bed and it’s infused with herbs and sometimes even rose petals. But, the base stays the same with milk or a nondairy milk base.

The dairy in milk is known to make you drowsy because of tryptophan which is an amino acid. It’ll give you a restful sleep while making you feel like a magical fairy.

Drift Off to Neverland

This drink is the perfect balance of calm and art. It’s almost too good to drink and we think if this was placed right in front of us, we’d frame it instead. If you’re looking for a way to sleep – try out moon milk for a night of relaxation.