Mix It Up—How to Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

Photo by Andie Gómez-Acebo on Unsplash

There are some purists who believe that only white wine can be drunk with chicken and fish. These are probably the same people who say that silver and gold jewelry can’t be worn together. Well, it’s 2022, and we love merlot with tuna, so here is how you mix your metals.

The easiest way to rock this trend is, of course, to find a piece that already has its metals combined. Rings that have both silver and gold elements are a subtle way in for those who may not yet be totally on board with the style.

Earrings are another way that different shades can be brought together beautifully. This can be achieved with a single pair that includes contrasting colors, or, if you have multiple piercings, wearing both gold, silver, and even rose gold jewelry at once.

Layering is a huge trend right now and this is where mixing metals truly shines (if you’ll pardon the pun). Stacking necklaces with different hues can be done well by also varying the lengths of the chains. Keep it modern by sticking to the same style when it comes to chunky and delicate pieces.