Meet the Creative Duo Behind Over-the-Top Paper Wigs and Headpieces

The creativity of paper artists knows no bounds, and just when we think we’ve seen it all, another artist emerges with something truly extraordinary. These words perfectly describe the paper wigs and headpieces crafted by the artistic duo Asya and Dmitriy Kozin.

Since embarking on their journey as paper artists, this duo crafted everything from wedding dresses to historic costumes using nothing but paper, but their Baroque wigs transformed them into a huge hit on Instagram. Unlike most paper artists, they only use plain white paper, and there’s a reason why they opted for this medium.

“Asya and Dmitriy Kozin believe that white paper allows for them to accent form and conceal secondary details… The versatile white paper is used not only as a tool but also as a concept which helps to express the historical process in a symbolic fashion,” reads the duo’s official website.

In addition to recreating Baroque and Rococo wigs, the duo’s paper art takes things to a whole new level by incorporating countless elaborate details. If you pay closer attention to their wigs you’ll notice everything from flowers, ships, and swords hiding within.