Matcha Vs. Coffee… A Tough Choice

Matcha is one of those great, new, so-called superdrinks that everyone is raving about. But are you ready to forget about the fuel of life, coffee, and switch to the green drink? We hope we can help you understand the benefits and figure out if matcha can work for you.

Oh, The Energy

Coffee is that drink you reach out to for your daily boost of energy. But did you know that while matcha contains less caffeine and it gives higher energy levels than coffee? Coffee sure is amazing, but it does get very addictive, plus you should not overdo it.

More Antioxidants

This green elixir is a source of so many antioxidants, which are essential in the fight against free radicals. In other words, that means your body will find it much easier to deal with inflammation.

No Headaches

Coffee is cheaper and easier to get, but you can experience headaches. Coffee is very addictive, so if you don’t have it for a while, you could experience a heavy head, foggy memory, and other similar symptoms. People don’t experience that with matcha. Although it’s the more expensive alternative, you definitely want to try it.