Lash Project in Manila is a Haven For Beauty Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for a place to get your lashes done in Southeast Asia, then Lash Project Manila is the place. The owner of Lash Project Manila is Gem Uy and she’s a licensed lash tech who gained her lash applying skills in Singapore and Korea. Her products are the creme de la creme of Asia lashes and she makes sure to use the right products for each of her clients.

Usually, in lash salons, they tend to bunch lash extensions together in clusters. Gem, on the other hand, uses the isolation technique wherein a certain amount of lashes are attached to a single lash to the point where the lash can carry it healthily. You’ll certainly get the lashes you’ve been dreaming of at this salon. Never tried lash extensions? Now you can try it without fear. Check out why Lash Project Manila is the

Lash Lifts are Available

If you’re trying to go for an effortless look, you can opt for a lash lift instead. This look is perfect for busy on-the-go girls who spend more of their time in the water than on land.

Subtle Lashes

The great thing about Gem’s technique is she tries to make the lash extensions as close to your natural lashes as they are. It almost looks like you aren’t wearing any lash extensions!

Long-Lasting Lashes

With the proper lash application technique paired with Gem’s super light hand movements, you’ll be sure to get the results you’re looking for. She’s been in the lash game for about 3 months, but she’s been a successful make- up artist for more than 10 years so you’ll only be getting the best of the best!