Makeup Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

Makeup is one of the go-to tools that make us look beautiful and can easily boost our confidence. However, if you don’t apply it correctly, makeup can also make you appear older, so in order to avoid this scenario try not to make these mistakes.

Wrong Foundation

Choosing the best foundation for your skin type is by far the most important step towards creating a nice makeup look. If the foundation looks cakey or is too dry, that’s probably a sign that you should buy a new one.

Overusing Mascara

Putting too much mascara on the lower lashes is also a common mistake that can really accentuate the wrinkles around the eyes and make a person look older.

Dark Eyeshadows

Dark eyeshadows can look really cool if you know how to apply them, but using too much of them can easily make you look older.


Contouring is also one of those things that can be really helpful if you know which parts of your face you need to accentuate and which to minimize. If you want to look good and youthful try not to apply too much makeup and don’t forget to blend.