Makeup Artist Nam Vo Shows Us How to Properly Cover a Zit

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Nam Vo just shared a video on Instagram where she shows fans how to properly cover up a zit using concealer.

No matter how well you have mastered contouring or how far you have perfected the dewy-complexion effect, the odd zit still threatens to pop up at the worst possible times and throw you off your makeup game.

In Nam Vo’s video, she demonstrates a fantastic technique for covering pimples. The secret? Using a different concealer for your zits than for your under-eyes.

“OK, so, first of all, you want to use a concealer maybe half a shade or a shade darker than your skin tone,” she explains. “Under my eyes, I usually wear something that’s a little bit lighter, but if you want to cover a zit, you wanna go deeper.”

It turns out that by using a lighter concealer, you actually draw attention to the zit by brightening it when what you really want to do is the opposite.

“And then I’m using a foundation powder that’s more dense and has more coverage. And I tap not only the zit, but I tap the area around the zit so everything matches,” she continues. “”And the secret, also, is don’t use a big brush.”

You can watch the full video below.