5 Ways to Bring Nature Into Your Home

While social distancing many people are having nature withdrawals. It’s fine to go outside as long as you follow your local guidelines. But, if you want to avoid going outside, you can bring some outside flair into your home. Here are five ways to bring the outside inside.

Buy a Plant

Get a plant that’s hard to kill like aloe, cacti, snake plants, or ZZ plants. If you’re feeling brave get a fiddle leaf fig, string of pearls, or a birds of paradise plant, which are more statement plants, but harder to take care of.


Light Candles

Find a soy candle that reminds you of nature like wood, floral, tree, or other earthy scents. Change the mood of any room by lighting it. Diffusers or essential oils will give you the same vibe.


Decorate With Natural Patterns

Decorate your home with pillows, kitchen towels, blankets, and linens with patterns of the outdoors like leaves, flowers, palm trees, fruit, and vegetables.


Create a Terrarium

Fill glass containers with soil, moss, gravel, pretty rock, and plants to bring a slice of the outdoors into your home.


Tune Into Nature

Listen to a playlist of rainstorms, running water, rustling leaves, birds chirping, and ocean waves to bring the sounds of nature into your living space.