Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge’s Hack for Wearing Lipstick under a Face Mask

Famous makeup artist Lisa Eldridge was one of the first ones from her industry to upload videos to YouTube. She’s still the person we look up to whenever we need professional makeup tips and she now has the perfect solution for wearing lipstick under a face mask.

There are many situations in which you may want to have lipstick on under your face mask. Perhaps you’re visiting a friend or your boyfriend but you need to wear a mask during your ride, or you simply want your lipstick intact during your walk outside when no mask is required. Whatever it is, Eldridge has a solution for you.

“I love blotting lips because I like that slightly [melted] look. If I’m using a lip color which is really pigmented, I tend to use a small amount and just really work it into the lips so that it becomes a stain,” she told Marie Claire in an interview. According to her, this is a great way not to get any lipstick marks on your mask.