Make Your Own Two Ingredient Lip Stain At Home!

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Lip stain is an awesome alternative for people who are not crazy about lipsticks. Lip stain is different from lipstick because it is smudge-proof, it is much easier to put on than lipstick, and it also lasts much longer because it can’t be transferred to other surfaces like lipstick can. It’s also so easy to make at home with ingredients you already have, so give it a try!


The base for this lip stain is coconut oil. This makes for a great base because it’s really hydrating for your lips, and helps keep the color on them. The second ingredient for this DIY lip stain is food dye. You can use regular dye from the grocery store for this recipe, or you can find a more natural solution if that is more up your alley.

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To make this lip stain, you simply combine the coconut oil in a bowl with whatever color you want your lips to be. Then, use your finger to paint the stain onto your lips. After a few minutes, blot it away and you will be ready to hit the town!