Make the Perfect Boiled Corn by Avoiding These Mistakes

Photo by Virgil Cayasa on Unsplash

Boiled corn is one of the staples of everyone’s summer diet, but it takes time to get it just right. If you’re still new to making this tasty snack on your own, make sure to avoid these three common mistakes.

Overcooked Corn

Most people leave their corn in water for too long, in the hope it will get softer and tastier that way. There’s no need to cook your corn for longer than five or ten minutes, as long as you put it in already boiling water.

Skipping Salt

You’ll probably have to sprinkle your corn on the cob with salt once it’s cooked, but that’s not the only time when you should reach for a salt shaker. It’s recommended to salt the water before adding the corn because this condiment will bring out its flavor.

No Husk

Removing the husk after your corn is cooked can be quite messy, but it has its benefits. Your corn will be tenderer if you leave the husk on, and it’s possible that it will boil much faster.