Make Money as You Exercise With Apple Watch’s New Program

Fitness watches are a huge trend in 2020, but did you know you can make money with your Apple Watch? Not only is the device used to track your exercise, but the benefits are also now reaching beyond workout goals.

As of January 23, fitness places including Orangetheory, Crunch, YMCA, and Basecamp will offer members rewards every time they exercise along with an iPhone and Apple Warch app. The gyms will also have Apple GymKit-enabled equipment and they will start accepting Apple Pay.

The rewards depend on the gym–Orange Theory offers the chance to earn Nike or Apple gift cards and YMCA allows you to earn rewards which can be used in the community. Other gyms are offering money off membership and other perks.

The rewards don’t stop at the gym, any workout logged in by members of Apple Watch Connected counts towards these incentives.

Jay Blahnik, senior director of fitness and health technologies at Apple, talked about Apple’s impact on creating healthier lifestyles through the program, “We’re thrilled innovative and progressive health clubs and gyms are putting Apple Watch at the center of their digital ecosystem through the new Apple Watch Connected program. Apple Watch continues to help people live a better day by being more active, and this deep integration with the device offers members an unparalleled gym-going experience.”

So far, the four fitness brands have launched the program across select locations in the United States and they’ll be adding locations in 2020.

What are you waiting for? Put on your Apple Watch and start exercising and racking up rewards!