Low On Cash? You Can Still Afford These Awesome Music Festivals!

Photo by Joey Thompson on Unsplash

Summertime often means music festivals, and for good reason; the warm weather creates an atmosphere where anything goes and when the music is flowing, everything is better. Unfortunately, most big festivals can really put a strain on your wallet. Luckily, there are many festivals that are just as worthy at a much lower cost. Check them out this summer and get the best bang for your buck!


This festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will feature over 800 acts and 1,000 performances on 11 stages. The price is only $48 for a three-day pass and $85 for all eleven days!


Festival d’ete de Quebec

Located in Quebec City, this music festival has all the big names you love like Lorde, The Weeknd, Neil Young, and Shawn Mendes. The best part is that you can see many concerts on their free stages, and the 11-day pass with all the hit artists included is about $80!


Flow Festival

This festival is in the capital city of Helsinki. If you are anywhere near Europe, you have to check out this festival. Kendrick Lamar will be performing as well as the Arctic Monkeys, Lauryn Hill, and Patti Smith. The regular price for the three days is 215 euros, but you can volunteer and get a free day pass!